by Blind Justice

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released September 5, 2014



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Blind Justice New Jersey


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Track Name: Another Mistake
Stupid to think you can walk away from everything, learn the hard way once but you'll never learn anything. Love the sound of hearing your voice, preaching your bullshit, no one listens to that noise. You made your choice, you said what you said. Stop trying to pretend that you don't know what you did. Dragging other people in to fight your battles, you little fucking bitch you'll learn you can't hide forever. Fuck up, Coward. You can't run from your past. Your words never meant shit. You're just another shitty friend who never meant what he said. Another stupid kid who won't put it to an end. You wish that everyone would just feel sorry for you, you're not a victim of anything, just a sorry excuse. Depend on someone else you look for someone to follow. You're only out for yourself, your whole image is hollow. No one to turn to, no one to help you. It's time you pay for all your mistakes. You're just another mistake. The choices you made left you no where to turn. Time to face your inner demons, no respect to be earned. One false move, you better be smart. Can't look me in the eyes cause you don't have the heart.